Glossary of Terms

6MWD6-Minute Walk Distance
AATAlpha-1 Antitrypsin
ABGArterial Blood Gas
ACTAirway Clearance Techniques
ADOAge, Dyspnoea score and Obstruction
BODEBody mass index, degree of Obstruction as measured by FEV1, Dyspnoea score and Exercise capacity
CATCOPD Assessment Test
CBTCognitive Behaviour Therapy
CCQClinical COPD Questionnaire
CIConfidence Interval
CrICredible Interval
CPAPContinuous Positive Airways Pressure
CRQChronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire
CVDCardiovascular Disease
DLCODiffusing Capacity of Lung for Carbon Monoxide test
DPIDry Powder Inhaler
EPCExtended Primary Care
ERVExpiratory Reserve Volume
FEV1Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 Second
FFMFat Free Mass
FRCFunctional Residual Capacity
FVCForced Vital Capacity
HADSHospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
HRHazard Ratio
HRCTHigh Resolution Computed Tomography
HRQoLHealth-related quality of life
ICInspiratory Capacity
IPAPInspiratory Positive Airway Pressure
ISWDIncremental Shuttle Walk Distance
LOSLength of Stay
LTOTLong Term Oxygen Therapy
MCIDMinimum Clinically Important Difference
MDIMetered Dose Inhaler
mMRCModified Medical Research Council Dyspnoea Scale
NIVNon-Invasive Ventilation
NNHNumber Needed to Harm
NNTNumber Needed to Treat
OROdds Ratio
OSAObstructive Sleep Apnoea
PBSPharmaceutical Benefits Schedule
PEPPositive Expiratory Pressure
PHTPulmonary Hypertension
pMDIPressurised Metered Dose Inhaler
RCTRandomised Controlled Trial
RRRelative Risk/ Rate Ratio
SDStandard Deviation
SESSocioeconomic Status
SGRQSt George's Respiratory Questionnaire
TLCTotal Lung Capacity
WMDWeighted Mean Difference