Other contributors – Past and Present

Associate Professor Jenny Alison, Physiotherapist

Dr Guy Bannink, Staff Specialist, Palliative Medicine

Ms Kate Baumwol, Senior Speech Pathologist

Mr Paul Cafarella, Psychologist

Associate Professor Donald Campbell, Respiratory Physician

Ms Nola Cecins, Physiotherapist

Dr Belinda Cochrane, Staff Specialist, Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Karen Detering, Respiratory Physician

Dr Tanja Effing, Respiratory Scientist/ Epidemiologist

Dr Michael Epton, Respiratory Physician

Dr Nichola Gale, Senior Lecturer: Physiotherapy/ Researcher

Professor Charles Gilks, International Public Health Specialist

Dr David Hart, Respiratory Physician

Associate Professor Peter Holmes, Respiratory Physician

Associate Professor Kylie Hill, Physiotherapist

Dr Alice YM Jones, Physiotherapist

Ms Kim Jones, Research Assistant

Dr Kirk Kee, Respiratory Physician

Dr Jun (JK) Khoo, Specialist Respiratory and Sleep Disorders Physician

Ms Leona Knapman, Exercise Physiologist

Associate Professor John Kolbe, Respiratory Physician

Ms Zoe Kopsaftis, Research Officer

Dr Tom Kotsimbos, Respiratory Physician

Dr Nicole Livermore, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Ms Maria Loder, Respiratory Nurse

Dr James Markos, Respiratory Physician

Dr R Doug McEvoy, Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Renae McNamara, Physiotherapist

Dr Ruth McKenzie, General Practitioner

Associate Professor Lucy Morgan, Respiratory Physician

Dr Shirley PC Ngai, Physiotherapist

Dr Cristino C Oliveira, Physiotherapist

Dr Matthew Peters, Respiratory Physician

Professor Philippa Poole, Clinical Professor/ Head of School

Professor Robert John Pierce, Respiratory Physician (deceased)

Associate Professor Robyn Richmond, Researcher

Dr Jonathan Rutland, Respiratory Physician

Professor Paul Seale, Respiratory Physician

Associate Professor Natasha Smallwood, Respiratory Physician

Ms Laura Smith, PhD Student

Ms Sheree Smith, Respiratory Nurse

Professor Greg Snell, Lung Transplant Physician

Ms Gillian Syres, Research Fellow

Mr Pieter Walker, Psychologist

Conjoint Professor Peter Wark, Senior Staff Specialist

Professor Trevor Williams, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physician

Mr Jamie Wood, Senior Physiotherapist – Cystic Fibrosis

Prof Lisa Wood, Nutritional Biochemist

Associate Professor Iven Young, Respiratory Physician

Ms Juliet L Brown, Former COPD Project and Guidelines Manager, Lung
Foundation Australia, Brisbane