Appendix 1

Use and doses of long-term inhaled bronchodilator and corticosteroids determined in response trials

Response Drug Dose (mcg)              Frequency Delivery
Improved airway function
Improved exercise capacity
Reduced breathlessness
Improved quality of life
Salbutamol 200mcg 4-6-hourly MDI/spacer
Terbutaline 500mcg 6-8-hourly DPI
Salmeterol 50mcg 12-hourly MDI/DPI
Formoterol 12mcg 12-hourly MDI/DPI
Indacaterol 150-300mcg 24-hourly DPI

Anticholinergic (Antimuscarinic)

Ipratropium 40-80mcg 6-8-hourly MDI/spacer
Tiotropium 18mcg 24-hourly DPI
Corticosteroid Inhaled
(small particle)
400-800mcg/day MDI/spacer
Budesonide 800-1600mcg/day DPI
Fluticasone 500-1000mcg/day MDI/DPI
Ciclesonide 80-320mcg/day MDI – spacer not recommended
MDI=metered dose inhaler. DPI=dry powder inhaler.