D1.7 Clinical psychologist/psychiatrist

Anxiety and depression are common disorders in patients with COPD (Di Marco 2006, Gudmundsson 2006, Kunik 2005, Laurin 2007, Schane 2008), which worsen quality of life and add to disability (Gudmundsson 2005, Ng 2007, Xu 2008, Laurin 2009, Giardino 2010, Eisner 2010b). The prevalence of panic attacks and panic disorder in COPD are particularly high (Yellowlees 1987, Pollack 1996, Kunik 2005, Laurin 2007). There is promising evidence that anxiety and depression can be treated by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists using approaches such as cognitive behaviour therapy (Kunik 2001, de Godoy 2003, Livermore 2010, Hynninen 2010) [evidence level II]. Psychiatrists can also advise whether pharmacological treatment may be appropriate.